Underway in Hawaii


In March permits were issued and construction began on a house I started designing exactly one year ago, in March 2011, for a couple building on a 4.5 acre lot outside of Princeville, Kauai. The house consists of 3 separate pods, each with their own roof structure, connected by breezeways. The size and location of each pod was determined by a number of factors including topography, prevailing weather patterns and views, and Japanese principles of design regarding proper orientation of individual rooms on site. The result is a cross cultural blend of ideas tailored to fit a unique site. In this regard the house reflects the broader culture of the Hawaiian Islands as well.


As you may deduce from the photographs one of the challenges of building in this particular location is dealing with the heavy rains. As the trenches for the footings were being dug the island received 15 inches of rain in just about 4 hours! Roads were closed, bridges washed out, and any open trench quickly filled. Not to worry, Hawaiians are used to dealing with this type of weather. When the rain stopped large pumps were brought on site to clean out the trenches so the pour could proceed.


Stay tuned for further updates and progress reports as construction proceeds on this unique home.