Welcome to GRA and my first blog post. By now you realize that after 15 years as principal architect at Cascade Joinery I have launched my own firm. Yes it’s great to be self-employed and exciting to be building a new future but I do not deny that I will miss my day-to-day interaction with Cascade Joinery.

The past 15 years have provided me with wonderful memories. These include the rocking chair that was given to me and my wife when my son was born, the seaplane rides to remote islands off the coast of British Columbia, the trips to Hawaii, the lunches together in the yard swapping stories, the vicious games of basketball and ping pong, the daily trash talk that went back and forth between myself, the only architect, and the builders and craftsmen I was surrounded by, and also the weddings, funerals, and Christmas parties we all attended together. Cascade Joinery was for me, an environment that fostered creativity, passion, and excellence. I learned much there and plan to carry that same culture into my own practice.

So why start my practice during the great recession? I think it’s just a matter of evolution. At some point in every architect’s career they will have to make a choice between continuing to work as a staff architect for someone else or going out on their own. Starting a practice requires a certain degree of experience, confidence, capital, and desire. Once you have developed all of these then the question becomes, why not?

So thank you Cascade Joinery and hello GRA. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with clients, builders, and craftsmen to create meaningful architecture of real and lasting value.

Greg Robinson